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Schuler Falls


The Oswegatchie Trail meets Route 3 near the Clifton-Fine Central School campus.  From here, the first left is the Lake Road.  The Clifton-Fine Hospital is located at this corner.  Just over 1/2 mile down this road there is a dirt road on the right with a yellow gate at the entrance. 

County: St. Lawrence
Town: Fine
USGS Map: Oswegatchie
Waterway: Little River
Latitude: N 44o 08' 39"
Longitude: W 75o 03' 30"
Drop: ~ 25'
Type: Cascade
Region: Star Lake
Parking: Unpaved lot
Trail type: Dirt
Length of hike: 1/4 mile, one-way
Difficulty: Easy
Accessibility: Public
Name: Common

Fine Quadrangle

Chipmunk FallsWe previously had this location listed as Chipmunk Falls, also known as Schuler Falls.  The original information we had received indicated that this was the case. 

In a conversation with Connie Snyder, Town of Fine Supervisor on November 15, 2017, we now realize that the two waterfalls are not the same.  This location is, in fact, Schuler Falls and Chipmunk Falls is located a short distance from here.  We have now created a separate page for that one.

The gate at the beginning of the road is usually open.  Drive (if the gate is closed you will have to walk) 0.7 miles to another gate and a parking area.  At this trailhead gate, there is a DEC sign prominently displayed.  Walk down the path and bear right at the "Y".  When you come to a large flat rock, bear left.  When you reach the river, you are close to the crest of the falls.  Make your way downstream where you can easily access the riverbank.  Your view will be fairly good, but part of the falls is hidden behind a large boulder that it flows around.  It is only about a quarter mile walk. 

This is a popular fishing and recreation spot.  This area has been state owned for a number of years now, but before that, about 4500 acres in this area were owned by the Andrew Schuler family.  The Schulers were from the Rochester area where they made their name and fortune in the potato chip business.  A 100 acre plot in their Star Lake estate was actually used to grow potatoes.  Because of this ownership, these falls are also known locally as Schuler Falls.  The author of this website has been told by some local natives that Mr. Schuler had been known to chase young people out of that area when they went there to fish.  I'm certain that none of my nephews were involved in that.

There are actually two Little Rivers in St. Lawrence County.  This one empties into the Oswegatchie River which flows to the St. Lawrence River in Ogdensburg.

Last update:  November 15, 2017

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Schuler Falls Schuler Falls
Schuler Falls Schuler Falls

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