Northern New York Waterfalls
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"Waterfalls of New York State"

Features more than 100 scenic waterfall destinations throughout New York State.

Waterfalls of New York StateNew York State is home to arguably the most famous waterfall in the world, Niagara Falls. But thanks to its diverse terrain and an abundance of rivers and streams, the state also boasts more than 2,000 other waterfalls. From delicate cascades to thundering cataracts, each has its own compelling story.

Now available, Waterfalls of New York State is a celebration of more than 100 of the Empire State’s most beautiful and interesting falls, presented by three long-time waterfall enthusiasts who know their subject matter firsthand: Edward Smathers of tackles the Capital and Hudson Valley regions; Scott Ensminger of reports on the Finger Lakes and Greater Niagara; and David J. Schryver of this website,, covers the North Country.

Each waterfall is presented on a two-page spread with a full-page color photograph and descriptive text that includes details about the geology of the falls, local history, driving directions, access information, suggestions for the best vantage point for viewing, as well as other area interests. Sidebars feature handy at-a-glance information, such as the nearest settlement, walk time, trail conditions, GPS coordinates and the size and type of waterfall.

Filled with gorgeous photographs and featuring regional location maps, Waterfalls of New York State is a valuable regional travel guide for weekend explorers, fans of waterfalls, visitors and armchair travelers. Canadian travelers from Quebec and ontario will appreciate the many day trips available just over the border.

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About the authors

Scott A. Ensminger, David J. Schryver and Edward M. Smathers all live in New York State, where they have ready access to the waterfalls in their regions. Edward Smathers is a professional photographer.

Bibliographic information

Title Waterfalls of New York State
Authors Scott A. Ensminger, David J. Schryver, Edward M. Smathers
Photographs by Edward M. Smathers
Publisher Firefly Books Limited, 2012
ISBN 1554079861, 9781554079865
Length 240 pages

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