Northern New York Waterfalls 

Crandall Falls


From the intersection of NY 12 and NY 28 in Alder Creek, drive northeast on NY 28 to Forestport.  After crossing the Forestport Reservoir, take a right on the exit ramp.  Continue to merge on the Woodhull Road.  As you go through Forestport Station, take a right on the Bardwell Mills Road.  You will come to a corner where the Bardwell Mills Road exits right, but you should continue straight and you will be on the Lake Julia Road.  In a little over 1/2 mile, turn left on the Muthig Road.  This becomes the Roberts Road.  You will come to a sign on the left for the "Black River Public Fishing Stream".  Drive about 1-1/4 miles down this dirt road.

County: Oneida
Town: Remsen/Forestport
USGS Map: Forestport
Waterway: Black River
Latitude: N 43o 23' 52"
Longitude: W 75o 8' 7"
Drop: 3'
Type: Slide
Region: Southeast of Forestport
Parking: Unpaved lot
Trail type: Dirt
Length of hike: 5 minutes
Difficulty: Easy
Accessibility: Public
Name: Official

Forestport Quadrangle

There are several things that need to be mentioned about accessing this location.  First of all, just like topographical maps, this dirt road is not labeled.  It will be on the left a little more than 1/4 mile past the Little Black Creek Fishing Access Site.   There is a NYS DEC sign at the corner showing that this is the Black River Public Fishing Stream.  

Next, there is also a sign, or was in April 2013 when we were there, indicating something to the effect that this road is a Jeep Trail, Private Road.  Since there is an official DEC sign at the corner and these signs didn't look official, we parked the car and took a chance.  About 1/4 mile down the road, we came to a house where two men were out front having coffee ... yes, coffee.  They told us that all the land on both sides of the road was private but that the road was state-owned.  Apparently one of the other land-owners put those signs up.

They also said that it was another mile to the waterfall and was passable in a car.  We went back, got the car, and drove in.  At about 1-1/4 mile, we came to a parking area.  We could see the end of the road another few hundred feet in, but it was quite muddy and narrowing.  We would have done it in the truck, but we decided to park the car.

There were a couple of trails from this parking loop.  We opted for the right-most.  It took us to the river's edge where we followed it around a bend and found the waterfall.  Although this is one of only two USGS officially named waterfalls in Oneida County, it is not a very big one, maybe a three foot drop.  At the actual drop, we found DEC trail markers that led us back to the other trail at the parking loop.  It is important to note that this trail must be on the edge of state land, because trees adjacent to the trees sporting the DEC markers, held "Private Property No Trespassing" signs.  Also, about 200' downstream from the waterfall, it appeared that we were looking over the crest of another drop.  Since this was on posted land, we didn't follow up on it.

Since our trip, the owners of this land downstream found this entry and contacted us.  A trip is planned to go back there and get some pictures from downstream.

The Black River empties into Lake Ontario at the Black River Bay, just southwest of the village of Dexter.

Last update:  July 29, 2015

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Crandall Falls Crandall Falls
Crandall Falls Crandall Falls
Crandall Falls Crandall Falls
Crandall Falls

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