Northern New York Waterfalls
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David J. Schryver was a math teacher for 33 years in the Edwards-Knox Central School District of St. Lawrence County, New York.  After retiring in 2006, he started giving some thought to many of the waterfalls in the area.  As a resident of the town of Edwards for over 30 years, he knew that there are at least a dozen named waterfalls within 15 miles or so of his home and he had never seen any of them.  As he started to explore and research some of them, he discovered that there was very little information in print on waterfalls in Jefferson, Lewis and St. Lawrence counties, locally referred to as the tri-counties.  There were a few Internet resources available, but even they were limited.  Also, it was found that some of the information in print wasn't always completely accurate.

What started as a project involving the waterfalls of the tri-counties, quickly grew to this website.  Initially a one-man project, it has evolved to include contributions of one kind or another from many people.  I would like to offer my thanks to all who have helped or are continuing to help.  This list is not by order of importance.  All contributions, big or small, have been important.  This list is simply ordered chronologically, in the order that people have made contributions, or, more accurately, began to make contributions.  Some of these have made multiple contributions and continue to offer support.

It is not our intention to slight anyone.  We have made every effort to include everyone who has contributed.  In the event we have overlooked any contributor on this page, our sincerest apologies.

Marcia Schryver ... I would be remise in not crediting and thanking my wife for all of her help.  She has accompanied me on most of these hikes and has taken care of things like making sure we had water, snacks and other needed supplies for our treks.  She helps carry equipment when necessary and provides an extra set of eyes and memory for those times I don't take adequate notes!

Keith Ziemba ... Keith is a retired Edwards-Knox music teacher.  We worked together for 17 or 18 years.  He is an avid hiker who is very active in climbing the Adirondack high peaks.  He also shares an affinity for waterfalls and has taken pictures of them for many years.  He has contributed pictures of several of the falls highlighted on this website.

Dennis Warren ... While trying to photograph the Twin Falls, located on the Grasse River's South Branch, it was discovered that the area was posted.  Mr. Warren was the landowner listed on the signs so we went to his address and explained what we were doing.  He graciously allowed us to access his land to photograph this region.

Wayne Little ... Wayne is another retired co-worker, having worked at the Edwards-Knox Central School.  He also spent 12 years or so as the caretaker of the Twin Falls Hunting Club on the Tooley Pond Road in the town of Clare, St. Lawrence County.  This property is the only land route to the Flat Rock Falls on the Grasse River South Branch.  Still a member of the club, Mr. Little allowed us access to photograph this area.

Richard Laurin has been a resident of the Adirondack community of Star Lake for over 45 years.  Mr. Laurin is also the webmaster's brother.  He acted as a guide, leading us in to Chipmunk Falls, Browns Falls and Butter Tub Falls, which are all in that area.

Greg Steiner ... an old high school friend of the webmaster, Mr. Steiner is now the owner of the Burrville Cider Mill which is a landmark in the Watertown/Jefferson County area.  The mill is home to Burrville Falls, but there are three other falls just upstream which are all on private property. Greg allowed us access through his property and provided us with the directions to find these three unnamed falls, which we have dubbed the Jacobs Creek Lower Falls, Jacobs Creek Middle Falls and the Boynton Creek Falls.

Chris Clemons ... the Clemons family owns the land that contains the Silver Creek Falls.  We thank her for allowing us to take pictures of this gorgeous section of waterway.

Doug Brown ... Mr. Brown is a farmer in oswego County.  His family owns the land that borders what we have called the South Sandy Creek Lower Falls.  Not only did he give us permission to go through his land to photograph this section, when we couldn't find the area, he led us there!  What makes this so very important was that Mr. Brown wasn't sipping ice tea on his lounge chair at the time.  He was a dairy farmer on his tractor on a July afternoon.  He probably works sunup to sundown but he still took time out of his day to help us out.  That is the spirit of America.

Andrew ... we know Andrew's last name but since he was a minor, we won't post it.  A young man enjoying his summer vacation from school at home, he guided us from his home on the Sandy Creek so that we could find the Sandy Creek Upper Falls.

Darrell Sweredoski ... Darrell is a retired NYS DEC engineer.  We met through a mutual friend.  He is an avid hiker and shares an affinity for waterfalls and nature in general.  He guided us to a number of waterfalls in Lewis County.  He also introduced us to the next person on this list.

Doug Carlson ... Mr. Carlson is a NYS DEC Biologist.  His life is the waterways of New York State.  Between his work and as a resident of Lewis County, he has a vast knowledge of the waterways and waterfalls of the area.  He guided us to a number of waterfalls in Lewis County.

Scott Ensminger ... Scott runs the website which is a survey of waterfalls in western New York.  He has provided information which has led us to some falls otherwise not known and some other information about the history of a couple of our area waterfalls.

Edward Smathers ... Ed runs, a website that promotes the nature and waterfalls of New York State.  Ed and his wife Jessica, a professional photographer, have contributed photographs of several waterfalls in our area.

Eric Morrow ... Eric, a retired professional firefighter, is a native of Croghan, New York, in Lewis County.  His parents were avid hikers and he grew up exploring the woods and forests of the north country.  He worked for some time as a forester with the NYS DEC in that area and his family owns a hunting camp which is very close to a number of falls in that area.  Knowing that county well, Eric served as our guide on two full days of hiking into eleven waterfalls.  He also provided insight on accessing a number of other falls.

Bill Morrow ... Bill, Eric's father, is an octogenarian native of Lewis County.  Born in Dadville, he spent the majority of his adult life in Croghan.  An avid hiker, he and his wife enjoyed exploring the backwoods areas of the north country, and not always on established trails.  We picked his brain to learn of some of the lesser known falls in the area.

Chris Koll ... Chris is a very active member of the whitewater kayaking community and has written numerous items on the subject.  He has provided us with information on locating the Glen Park Falls and has detailed the many falls and stretches of rapids on the lower Moose.

Erik Latremore ... Erik is a Wetlands Biologist with the NYS DEC in their Watertown office.  Raised in eastern Jefferson County, not far from Lewis or St. Lawrence Counties, he is quite familiar with the waterways of that area.  He has pointed us to a number of on-line resources that are available for locating waterways.  In addition, he served as our guide to waterfalls in Jefferson and Lewis Counties.

Daniel Young ... Dan is the station operator at the Kruger Energy, Northbrook Lyons Falls hydro facility at Kosterville.  We had a nice chat with him and he allowed us access to the area upstream to view Crystal Falls.  Magilla is also at this site.

Jeff Coon ... Jeff owns property on the lower Moose River.  He allowed us access through his land to get to an island just downstream of the Crystal Falls.

"Rocky" Fawcett ... Rocky lives on the lower Moose River.  He provided us with quite a bit of information on this area as well as allowing us access to his home to photograph Magilla.

Steven Marsh is a lover of waterfalls who visits many near his home in Scotia/Glenville by bicycle.  He has visited well over 50 waterfalls using this mode of transportation and has contributed pictures of several locations.

Bobbie Yager Sweeting is an avid hiker who loves to visit waterfall locations.  From Camden, New York, she has contributed pictures and information on many waterfalls.  Bobbie demonstrates something I have been saying for some time.  No one knows the area like the locals!  Not only has she contributed a large quantity of pictures and information on falls we knew of, she has also made us aware of a number of lesser known falls in her area that we didn't know about.

Tony Goodwin is Executive Director of the Adirondack Trail Improvement Society and has provided us with information on several waterfalls in the central Adirondack region.

Ivan Stanton lives in the northern section of Jefferson County.  A member of his family sold the land to the state that became I-81 in that area.  He gave us directions into the Mullet Creek Falls area.

Ken Hartmann lives in orchard Park, New York.  He has submitted pictures of the West Jimmy Creek Falls.

Chuck Porter lives in Troy, New York.  He has submitted a picture of Rocky Falls in Essex County.

Tim and Kelly Jantzi are natives and live-long residents of the Lowville area in Lewis County.  They have given us some information about a number of waterfalls in that area.

Michael Arthur is an avid back-woods hiker and operates the blog  He has contributed pictures and info on the West Mill Brook Falls, Beede Brook Falls and Knob Lock Falls.

Alice Galvin, a retired teacher in the Star Lake area, has submitted photos of High Falls in the town of Fine.

Terry Goodrich, a resident of Brasher Falls NY, has submitted pictures and information on multiple waterfalls.

Christy Hibsch of Warsaw NY has submitted pictures on multiple falls.

Brian Mcelwain, who administers the Facebook page "Adirondack Misadventures" has contributed a number of pictures.

John Holmes, of Massena, New York, is an avid hiker who has sent in many pictures and has become a regular contributor.  A retired law enforcement officer, he has provided us with a digital copy of the document Public Navigation Rights in New York State, which he frequently referred to as an officer to help both landowners and the public understand a number of rights.

Larry Jensen, of Depauville, New York, has guided us in to a number of falls in the Clayton/Depauville/Chaumont area.

Mike Chotkowski, who guides on the Hudson River, has provided information on accessing a number of sites in that area.

David Jones of Gouverneur, New York is an avid hiker who has photographed waterfalls for us that he encounters on his hikes of the high peaks.

Robin Salvatore of Amsterdam, New York has sent us pictures of waterfalls he has taken.

Tom Schofield and Bud Dier are members of the Clayton Lions' Club.  They provided us with information on three waterfalls in that area that we had not previously known about.

Dave Barcomb has sent us pictures of oK Slip Falls, taken since the DEC has acquired this land and provided us with a link indicating the new trail information.  Also, his sharp eyes picked up on an error we had on our Wood Falls (Clinton County) page.

John Haywood is a professional photographer from the Capital District who has contributed photos and information on several  waterfalls, including some we were unaware of in the Adirondack heartland.  He also maintains the facebook page "Waterfalls of Upstate New York".

Rebecca Blackmer of Colton, New York in St. Lawrence County, has provided us with winter shots of Lampsons Falls.

Brad Knapp of Keeseville, New York is the hydro plant operator at Alice Falls.  He is also very involved with the history in the Keeseville area and has provided us with information on Alice Falls, Anderson Falls and other locations in that area.

Rita Murtagh of Duanesburg, New York has provided us with winter pictures of oK Slip Falls.

Stacy Brown is an avid hiker and photographer from Utica, New York.  We would like to add that she is also an explorer!  Several times, she has accepted the challenge of heading into an area where our details were sparse to locate an elusive waterfall.  She has provided pictures and information on a number of falls in the southern portion of our region and elsewhere and has become a very prolific contribrtor.

Joe Lawrence is a native of Burke, New York.  Our thanks to him for clarifying the location of Burke Falls, which we originally posted as Little Trout River Falls.

Tammey Barney of Massena, New York, has sent us pictures and trail information on Cascade Lake Falls.

Brandon Washer contacted us on this website about Beaver Falls in the Watertown area.  He put us in contact with his father, Peter Washer, who introduced us to the owner and guided us in to the waterfall.

Desiree Sanders of St. Johnsville has provided us with pictures of High Falls in that area.

Our thanks go out to Marty and Barb Davidson of the Essex County community of Keeseville.  They own the property containing Buttermilk Falls and graciously guided us to it.

A big thank you to Nick Dow.  He lives in the area of Osceola Falls and not only gave us information on our first visit there, he also offered to guide us in, an offer which we took him up on.

Barbara Kelly is a retired teacher at the Knox Memorial and merged Edwards-Knox Central School District in St. Lawrence County.  She and her late husband have owned the land surrounding Harts Falls for decades.  She gave us directions into this waterfall just after signing 33 acres of the area over to a land trust in September 2015.  This waterfall and the region around it is now "forever wild".

Morgan and Sara Farr run a greenhouse from their farm in Russell, New York.  They gave us permission to hike through their land which allows you to access Jacksons Falls.  A big thank-you to them.

Steve Boyce is affiliated with the Ticonderoga Heritage Museum in Ticonderoga, New York.  We had a nice chat with him and he clarified a number of things that we were unsure of about the six waterfalls in that village.

Our thanks to Tom Whitmarsh of Russell NY.  A long-time friend of the webmaster, he lives near the Wallace Mill Falls and the North Russell Falls and guided us in to both.

Tyler Merriam of Saranac Lake NY paddles several North Country rivers and has sent us pictures on several waterfalls.  Our thanks to him.

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